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Our Background

DROHA UGANDA was formed after realizing that most families especially in rural areas are without adequate financial support, have no place to seek counsel in case they face a life of challenges in their marriage life, moral decay and disintegration that has led to high rates of crimes in communities, great scourge of poverty, Food loss, Human sacrifice, Domestic violence, Poor Sanitation Child neglect and abuse that are being experienced in the country, hence we the members of DROHA conscious of these prevailing Vicious cycles of events desire a self reliant participatory methodology to rectify these problems thus endeavoring to come together in order to confront some of the problems mentioned above as we pursue the objectives mentioned herein for the Restoration of the Spiritual and Social image of our Nation.

Our Vision

Transformed communities through transformed families

Our Mission

Restoring and building strong family dynamics by empowering persons of concern in community with knowledge and skills for self-reliance and sustainability


We encourage all of our donors to personally engage with the children they sponsor. We suggest writing letters, sending pictures, or even traveling to the community!


We believe that real empowerment when people learn to provide for themselves. DROHA UGANDA’s focus on teaching skills will ensure that the child can be involved in activities that generate incomes.


A $36 monthly sponsorship provides a child with school fees, medical care, lunch, a school uniform.

Christ Centered

We are a Christian organization compelled by the desire to help those in need.


To provide sponsorship opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children

To empower families with the necessary skills for livelihood and ensure that every family lives in good and healthy conditions.

To establish, strengthen and maintain family peer groups and counseling centre facilities.

To conduct seminars, conferences and workshops which will equip community leaders and church workers, couples, counselors at different levels for the survival and restoration of family values in society.

To establish and provide Community based family resource centers in order to provide facilities for information, and education on HIV/AIDS and family related issues in the communities

To provide pre- marriage counseling to young adults.

To provide marriage and family counseling services to all people with special problems, especially couple communication on HIV/AIDS

We offer


Teenage mothers support

Family and Marriage Counseling

Family enrichment

Skills training

Pre-marriage Counseling

Evangelism through creative ways such as visiting Prisons

School and community outreaches

Biblical Counseling

From children to senior adults, life is challenging, at times. DROHA UGANDA has seasoned trained counselors available so you don’t have to walk through your situation alone. Studies validate that it helps to just tell our story in a safe environment. “My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak …” James 1:19a. It is our desire to help each individual see their situation through the lens of God’s will, Word and plan for life. We focus on the following;

Individual counseling

Family counseling

Biblical marriage counseling


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting orthers up, therefor you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.


Coordinator / Director

Chief Executive Director

Social Worker/ Director

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