On going Projects & Programmes

Uganda’s fertile land and favourable climate provides the perfect environment to support sustainable projects through agricultural and livestock farming. We have a number of projects running and we would appreciate your input as together we save communities.

Project 1


DROHA UGANDA hopes to operate a 150 acre agricultural farm located on the outskirts of Kamuli. The farm will provide basic grains and vegetables to the children and women and some for sale to the local market.

Project 2

Poultry Farming

A poultry farm is yet to be established on the outskirts of Jinja. Eggs will be used to feed the children during the child days and the rest sold to the local market.

Project 3

Timber & Metal Fabrication

The DROHA fabrications unit creates all of the necessary materials .The production unit is designed and intended to give vocational students the opportunity to put into practice the skills and knowledge acquired in class. They practice carpentry and metalwork. The production unit provides employment for these students and the greater community in the region.

Project 4


DROHA UGANDA already operates a tailoring and fashion center for the women though now with one tailoring machine.

Project 5

Mentoring fathers

Given the background that a reasonable number of women have been trained and empowered in vast skills in most communities, a lot has been left out on the side of men resulting into them not being responsible to their families hence leading to family breakups and upbringing of uneducated and unproductive children.

DROHA focuses on raising funds to mentor and empower men to mitigate the family negligence habits by men. We design programmes for groups and individuals where we train in various skills and later empower men in different disciplines which leads to self-reliance and sustainability

Men are grouped depending on their categories ranging from school going children, working class to the elderly. Also the grouping depends on the capacity, age and professionalism.

Mentoring start with changing men’s mindset ranging and not limited to; traditional or cultural beliefs, technology and family background.

We closely monitor, evaluate, and analyze all these programs for better results

Impact of the farms on the community

The community members employed at the farms will result into a tremendous social, moral and economic changes in their lives.

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