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Sponsor a life

When you decide to Sponsor a Life, you are partnering with DROHA UGANDA to rescue vulnerable children and women from poverty, restoring them to a life filled with hope and a future.

Opportunities are available to sponsor Children in DROHA home, a DROHA teenage mother, or the vulnerable women in the DROHA UGANDA initiative.

The cost of sponsorship per individual per month is UGX 70,000, or EUROS 24.

Initiated in early 2012, the goal of DROHA UGANDA is to restore dignity to vulnerable women in Africa. Abandoned, left or widowed, the target group is HIV+ single women/teenage mothers.

The target goal is to restore dignity to these women in the following ways:

Improving quality of life, assisting them with basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

Providing comprehensive HIV/AIDS care including counseling and psychosocial support.

Empowering and equipping with vocational skills that will enable them to become productive members of their community.

Setting up self-sustainable, income-generating projects using micro-finance loans.

Spiritual and moral discipleship.

It is a widespread, but unacknowledged problem that girls in Africa miss school a situation which reduces their opportunities.

In addition to empowering adult women, DROHA UGANDA established an initiative called ‘Educate the girl child ’which aims to address primary school drop-out and increase primary school exam completion among adolescent girls. This is achieved through strategic teaching of character development and life skills. The program also educates parents and the extended community on the benefits of girl child education.

Partner with us today

1. Embrace - Reaching out to the most vulnerable pregnant teenage girls by caring for their basic, and essential needs.

2. Empower - Developing and growing their life skills so they can build a sustainable life of dignity.

3. Engage - Helping pregnant teenage mothers become successful business women and pillars of influence in their communities.

DROHA UGANDA’s sustainability initiatives are critical for continuing development in order to.

To generate income to sustain DROHA UGANDA’s activities, caring for orphaned children and vulnerable women.

Create a training component for DROHA UGANDA’s young adults/teenage mothers to become future business leaders.

Create employment opportunities for DROHA UGANDA’s young adults and the community

To facilitate community transformation.

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